Working Out Will Boost Your Sexual Drive

Selma Holley
January 31, 2021 0 Comment
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Are you struggling with your sexual performance? Does exercise increase sex drive? Over the years, science has concluded that working out will boost your sexual desire, sexual responsiveness, and sexual functioning. What’s the best way to reap the benefits of regular exercise for sex to see positive effects quickly?

Tough Love to Get More Love

While physical activity can help you lose weight and feel better, it can also enhance your libido. In turn, that boosts your performance in bed. In fact, 40% of men who suffer from weight issues encounter problems with their sex drive, body image, and desire. 

If you’re experiencing shifts in your weight and physiological sexual arousal, it could be due to age, stress, or similar reasons. Fortunately, there’s a big chance that you could eradicate your libido problems with a bit of tough love and an effective fitness plan. Studies show that exercising just two hours per week can raise your testosterone levels by 15%.

However, it’s worth noting that not all exercise routines are equally effective. For example, strength training heightens testosterone much better compared to cardio-only workouts. Plus, lifting weights and basic exercises like push-ups have other gains. They allow you to train the muscles that matter the most during sexual activity.

However, working out and sex may not gel together well if you overdo it. New research has found that the male libido can drop by 20 to 40% during high-endurance training and a rigorous gym schedule. Thus, try to work out in moderation and use effective exercises that are proven to improve your sexual desire.

Burning Out Calories for More Feel-Good Sex

For men, losing fat and building muscle can instantly strengthen blood circulation. This is important because it causes better and stronger erections. In turn, you’ll be able to last longer and satisfy your partner better. Additionally, if you have a toned body, your sexual confidence will increase. However, before you hit the gym, let’s show you why exercise is similar to sex and reveal what exactly happens when you work out.

Firstly, during sexual arousal, the body experiences similar changes that occur while you’re exercising. When your bedroom activities get sweaty and steamy, your body responds with an increased heart rate. It also strengthens your circulation and speeds up your metabolism. It fills your muscles with blood and enhances your respiratory rate.

Several studies have found that sex is similar to a short cardio session. It also releases similar hormones that you’ll get from a dynamic workout and therefore reduces stress.

Yet, even though sex can help you burn around 100 calories per 30 minutes, it’s not a substitute for athletic activities. Working out is still more intense on your body. It burns more calories, heightens stamina, and even enhances your cognitive functions. As we’ve said, it also improves your self-awareness. According to research, this can enhance bodily sensations.

Better Sex Workout

To take advantage of what exercise has to offer to your sex life, you should follow our recommended exercises to increase libido. This routine is intended to boost testosterone, increase muscle strength, and enhance stamina. You can try it at home or at the gym, and you can also combine it with cardio activities like running.

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It’s best to try our routine for 20 to 30 minutes and repeat each exercise three times. Here’s what you should do:

1.  Planking — 20 to 30 Seconds

This is the ultimate exercise for body strength and endurance. It may seem basic, but it’s actually quite challenging if you’re not in shape. It improves your core strength and builds your back, pelvis, leg, and ab muscles.

2. Glute Bridges — 15 Reps

Glute bridges are practically made for sex, and they help you strengthen your pelvic floor, butt, and legs. They can improve your thrust and flexibility, especially if you want to try new and unusual sex positions.

3. Jump Squats — 10 to 15 Reps

This high-intensity exercise is best for your stamina. It can raise your heart rate while strengthening your leg muscles and your balance.

4. Kegels  — 10 Reps with 5- to 10-Second Holds

Next up, you can take a breather and focus on Kegels. This simple exercise can strengthen your pelvic muscles. It can help you gain more control over your erections and ejaculations.

5. Push-Ups  — 10 to 15 Reps

Push-ups are the best whole-body exercise that increases your arm strength and tones your muscles. It also helps you endure the most common sexual positions with ease while allowing you to hump like a champ!

Pigeon Pose  — 1-Minute Holds on Each Side

Finally, try the pigeon pose to get a deep stretch that increases flexibility in your butt, hips, and groin.

Follow the Science for Better Sex!

While our recommended exercises can bring fast results, there’s no guarantee that a single routine will instantly improve sex. Your performance is highly dependent on your bodily features, heart rate, muscle contractions, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. Also, your sexual habits could influence the exercises that you prefer the most.

Nevertheless, frequent exercise is proven to enhance your sex drive and your sexual confidence. With a bit of effort, you could become a beast in the sack! So consider the muscles you use the most during sex and try our routine. You can add other exercises to it that match your sexual habits and physical capabilities and find your own routine that will give you a nice workout  — in the gum and during sex! Have fun!