Why the type of anal hooks matters

Selma Holley
March 12, 2020 0 Comment
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The practice of BDSM can be very attractive sometimes, what do you think? The silence in your torture chamber, with the smell of latex mixed with leather, suddenly the crack of the whip that breaks the air then comes the crack of the high heels that hits the ground, aaah that of emotions. BDSM is for many people the best way to fulfill their fantasies and is practiced by many fetishists, despite the fact that these practices may seem strange to some people, they are completely normal for others. Practicing it does not make you crazy, on the contrary, fulfilling your fantasies is very important for fulfillment. Obviously, the people for whom these practices appear shady do not know the pleasures and sensations such as being tied up, humiliated, subjected and tortured. Of course, these practices must be consenting on both sides and must in no case be imposed.

The anal hook: the object you need

What do you think we are talking about BDSM for? bingo! you will understand, the items in this collection have been specially made for these practices. An anal hook is similar to a hook you might see in a butcher with a hanging piece of meat. Obviously, they are not the same, what we sell are more sophisticated, safer and have been specially created for humans (do not be disappointed see) It is without a doubt that we can assure you that these hooks will give you the same satisfaction as one of our anal plugs, they will even take you much further in terms of satisfaction. So you may be wondering, what makes them so special?

We recommend that you first take a look at our collection. I feel that the idea of ​​impaling yourself on one of these hooks like a piece of fresh meat is already making you really excited. When you have passed the anal plug course and you need more, this is obviously the hook you need. The big advantage of the anal hooks in comparison with the anal plugs is that an anal hook is that the pressure can be modified as you wish in order to exert on you the pleasure (or the exalting pain) which is appropriate for you.

The quality of our anal hooks

The safety and good health of our customers is one of our main concerns. Our anal hooks are made with high quality materials, like all our plugs, they are made of 100% stainless steel, a steel known for its firmness and robustness, so they will never rust and will be usable for a very long time. Do not forget to wash your anal hook before and after each use to avoid any risk of bacteria. We also inspect each of our products before selling them so that there are no imperfections that could hurt you. As you can see, the only thing you have to think about is your pleasure.

How to use your anal hook?

To use an anal hook, the process is very easy, it works like an anal plug. Insert the steel ball into your anus thanks to its shape, the hook will directly exert pressure on your prostate, or on your vaginal wall which will make you cum like never before. You can then attach a rope to the end of the hook, and you can attach it to the handles of your partner, or even to his ankles, we let you imagine all the possibilities available to you.

Similar to a dildo, however, the butt plugs are shorter and shaped so that once inserted, the tightness of the sphincter keeps them in a stable position even when walking or carrying out normal activities. Diffused in different shapes and sizes, it can be made of marble, stone, wood, metal, neoprene and silicone, the latter appreciated above all for the ease of sterilization with simple boiling in water.

It looks like an oblong shaped bulb, connected to a “throat” of smaller diameter, connected in turn to a large terminal flange.

When used as progressive dilators in anticipation of an approach to the practice of anal sex, they can give a momentary sensation of pain (of variable entity from person to person) when inserting a new measurement, pain that generally decreases after positioning , provided that the increase in size of the new butt plug inserted is not excessive; otherwise, however, important irritations may occur. Once worn they offer a continuous stimulation, sometimes pleasant, sometimes annoying or even painful, in case it is exceeded in use; this is due to the great sensitivity of the part in question and its natural refusal to insert foreign objects.

Their use always involves the use of an intimate lubricant and a minimum of caution when inserting and removing. The use of saliva or plain water, even if their use is adequate to allow insertion, in addition to the risk of irritation to the delicate internal mucosa of the rectum, do not offer, after wearing, the same comfort provided by specific products, which , unlike the former, they do not tend to dry.

As you can see there are many different types, even with rhinestones and hairy tails (for more intense erotic games). These just seen are all “static” plugs, like dildos , to understand each other. The loveplugs.co website offers more options if you are looking to expand your collection, so give them a visit.

But you know, the market is evolving quickly and also for the anal plugs, we have the motorized versions!