Thinking About Size Affects Sexual Performance

Selma Holley
March 28, 2020 0 Comment

Men often think about how size affects confidence and performance, and that can be a problem. Not everyone has an enormous penis, and, sure, some often have problems in relationships. But are these problems related to the size or to something else? Here, we will talk about everything you need to know about penises. So, if you are thinking about how your measurements affect sexual performance, get ready to get some answers. 

The Question of Size

The question of size has been around for quite a while. Men from all over the world are wondering if their penises are big enough and whether their partner will be satisfied. Needless to say, no one would refuse an inch or two more, but there are those who are feeling quite good about their dimensions. 

One of the main problems is pornography. And I know that we sound like the Catholic church here, but men in porn need to look good and need to have big pee-pees. Filming specific scenes would be nearly impossible with an average penis, and they look for gifted people. 

So, to answer the question once and for all. What is the average size? The average size is 5.1 inches or 12.9 centimeters. And there you have it. You don’t need a ten-inch penis, and it can, in fact, just cause a counter effect during sexual intercourse.

The Question of Satisfaction

Now that we’ve covered the question of size, the next thing on the agenda is satisfaction. Is it related to size? Is it all about a special technique? Or is there something else? One of the main problems or concerns men have is whether they will be able to perform well during sex. That is a pointless concern. Many men act as they are a member of Pink Floyd, and they need to play on Wembley. Will they perform well? Will the audience enjoy hearing songs from the new album? You probably understand how silly it sounds. 

Having sex is fun, and you shouldn’t worry yourself sick about whether you are right-sized or whether the committee will approve the new move you practiced. All of these insecurities will act as a distraction. They will hinder the performance, and anxiety will fill in. The truth behind everything is simple. Both men and women decide with whom they want to share their sex lives. And your girlfriend, wife, husband, or whatever picked you for a reason. 

That means that you are good enough for them. Or at least that’s what they believe. So spending time with you, engaging in sexual activity, and doing everything else is good enough for them. All you can do is do your best, focus on their needs, and make them happy. Hopefully, they will do exactly the same for you. 

Enhancement Devices and Pills Don’t Work

However, sometimes positive thoughts are not enough. Many men experience erectile dysfunction throughout their lives, and it can be caused by numerous reasons. Sexual health and ED can be affected by high blood pressure, bad diet, exercises, medication, and so on. 

But even if ED is not the problem, we doubt that there is a man in the world who’d refuse to have a bigger penis. Today, you can find numerous devices for enhancement, pills that will make your penis grow, wonder-drugs, and so on. And there is one thing that all of these have in common — they don’t work. 

Pills based on ancient herbs are either a placebo or a medication that will increase blood flow to the penis. In essence, most penis-pills will focus on improving circulation, which will result in better and firmer erections, deceiving the penis owner. It will cause them to think that the magic pills work, while all they did was push blood vessels where they should go. 

Similarly, stretchers, pumps, prosthetics, and any other device are more likely to damage the penis (or even cause a more severe injury). That is especially true of penis pumps.

Getting Over the Size Issue

For some people, size is important. And that’s the truth. They find it attractive, important, and you won’t be able to change their minds. But for the majority of women in the world, the size of the penis is not the determining factor. It is possible to have great sex with average penis size, and it is possible to have bad sex with a huge dick. 

What you can do here is just stop thinking about it. You can change the size of your penis, but you can be a good person. If you care about your partner and you love them, the sex will be great. As we already mentioned, there is a reason they chose you, and it might not have anything to do with your size. 

It seems that men think about it more than women. Sexual pleasure doesn’t magically come with a big dick, and your primary focus should be on having a healthy relationship. Finally, many guys forget that women love confidence (everyone does), and just accepting that you are who you are can be more important than having a ten-inch penis that you don’t know how to use.