The Reason Why Men Sleep After Sex

Selma Holley
August 28, 2020 0 Comment

Sleeping after sex is a common problem that most men experience. Yet, it can sometimes make their partners feel neglected and unneeded. This could make your sex life confusing or even stressful. However, there are many different reasons for it, along with some effective solutions. So check out the reasons why men sleep after sex to learn the truth about this phenomenon!

Changes in His Body and Brain

Firstly, science can answer our question in many ways, and we should emphasize that it’s not a problem for men to black out after sex. It’s a physically exhausting activity that usually occurs in the bedroom and right before bedtime. Also, men typically do quite a lot of the “heavy lifting” in bed, which can put stress on their muscles and glycogen levels. That can drain a man’s energy and make them feel worn out.

Studies also show that reaching orgasm releases anxiety and fear and makes men happier. That is also another reason why men can doze off right after the act. A lot of it is related to biochemistry and the way in which guys release a combination of various potent sex hormones during a climax. That includes oxytocin, norepinephrine, prolactin, nitric oxide, and serotonin.

When it comes to the hormone prolactin, it is directly linked to the sleeping cycle. That is, releasing more of it during orgasm is one of the key reasons for our conundrum. Additionally, data shows that all of those hormones are more potent when men release them during intercourse, as opposed to during masturbation. In fact, prolactin release increases four times during intercourse.

What’s more, with the release of the hormones oxytocin and vasopressin, the melatonin levels also increase. This is known as the sleep hormone. Another “side effect” of orgasms is the release of chemicals that increase the need for emotional attachment, bonding, and post-sex naps. Those are just some of the changes in men’s bodies and minds that occur after ejaculation. There are many other evolutionary and biochemical reasons that can fuel this phenomenon.

No Talking After Sex

Speaking of hormones, they are also the reason why men withdraw and become less talkative after an orgasm. A U.S. study has recently concluded that men and women release oxytocin in different ways. When women orgasm, the oxytocin, or the “feel-good” hormone, release increases the need for bonding, cuddling, and talking. However, when the male body releases this hormone, it fuels men’s need to withdraw and recharge their masculine energy.

Generally, women enjoy talking after sex because it enables them to process their thoughts and boost their intimacy levels. But most men prefer to pull away, and this is not commonly a sign of relationship problems.

Studies show that higher testosterone levels directly affect your man’s communication and his need to disconnect temporarily. They suppress oxytocin, which simply makes men less open to post-sex communication. Instead of talking, guys may prefer to get something to eat and relax. This is yet another reason why men feel sleepy after sex.

Not All Men Are the Same

Of course, not every guy will pass out right after your bedroom adventures. A study that tested 10,000 men concluded that nearly 50% of them hit the hay after sex. While that’s a big number, there are still plenty of those who love to last all night and have sex multiple times.

Men who don’t sleep immediately after share some similar characteristics. They usually have high-stamina. Plus, they’re well-rested. Also, their natural stress/happiness/excitement levels are balanced, and the post-orgasm hormone release doesn’t affect them as much.

Some studies have found that guys who experience lower testosterone levels are more open to talking and staying awake after any naughty activities. Others with lower prolactin levels can also be more rested, especially when it comes to having sex multiple times. Prolactin directly affects the recovery time after an orgasm, and releasing less of it allows men to quickly get erect and ready for intercourse again.

Keeping Him Awake

Above all, it’s necessary to emphasize that sleeping after sex isn’t a sign of selfishness. It points to potent psychological and physical changes that take place during the act or after an orgasm. So if you’re worried about your relationship, note that his lack of interest or tiredness doesn’t necessarily outline big issues. There are several tricks that you could try to keep your guy awake right after sex.

Firstly, one way is to stop with sexual activities that happen right after lunchtime or dinner. Food makes everyone feel sleepy, and it can lead to uncomfortable and sleepy sex that gets you nowhere. It’s better to have sex before breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A romantic meal right after sex can also wake both of you up and enable you to have an intimate talk.

The second tip is to pick the time when your guy is at his best. For example, “standard” sex before bedtime can be incredibly tiring. It can even bring stressful thoughts to men and make them anxious. After a full and exhausting day, men may not want to have sex. As a result, sex becomes less passionate and engaging.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by knowing your guy’s internal clock. For example, have sex in the morning or simply choose a time when your man is relaxed and full of energy. Also, you can pick a sex position (i.e., woman on top) that doesn’t require him to spend a lot of energy and helps him feel awake. Another trick is to have sex with the lights on. This will limit the release of melatonin and will make falling asleep after sex more difficult.

Final Thoughts

Finally, remember that it’s usually not his fault. Surely, it can feel stressful if your man orgasms before you, falls asleep, and leaves you horny and alone. But there are ways to deal with his problems if you talk it out first. Like we’ve said, you can change your routine and have sex when your man is well-rested and relaxed. Also, don’t blame him or yourself for his tendency to doze off after his orgasm. So try an open discussion with him, try some of our tips during sex, and good luck!