Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Masturbation?

Selma Holley
March 15, 2020 0 Comment

What Are the Benefits of Masturbation?

Before we tackle some core issues that can arise from excessive masturbation, it’s worth mentioning that solo sex actually has multiple benefits. It can help many people on a physical and emotional level. Many sexual health studies have examined its advantages with evidence-based conclusions, and most have agreed that masturbation is incredibly beneficial for both singles and couples.

Primarily, anyone can masturbate to explore their sexuality and enhance their sex life. Self-pleasure is a great way to discover your body and your sexual likes, dislikes, or fantasies. It is also the safest form of sexual pleasure. It lowers the chance of sexually transmitted infections significantly. Moreover, it eliminates pregnancy risks.

Another perk of self-pleasure is that it can allow you to cope with stress and life changes. It can also lift your mood and help you deal with sleep problems or anxiety. Masturbation allows you to relax and release any built-up sexual tension.

Additionally, it can lead to improved sex with your partner for several reasons. For one, it can help men last longer during intercourse. Also, it allows women to explore their needs and improve their orgasms. Some studies show that it can decrease the likelihood of prostate cancer, although this has never been fully proven. Moreover, research also claims that solo sex can alleviate pregnancy-related symptoms such as cramps or back pain.

Why Do Some People Abstain From It?

People can masturbate daily, weekly, monthly, and others can decide to abstain from it. All of this is normal, and it’s a personal choice. Speaking of abstinence, there are several reasons why many will opt for it. Some people could do it for the physical and mental benefits or their personal beliefs.

For example, research reveals that abstinence can boost male testosterone. Some men choose it because it allows them to apply their sexual energy to other areas in life. Others could practice it to get better control of their urges and desires. Holding off on masturbation can also allow you to enhance your sexual experiences with a partner.

Another reason why many men are taking a “hands-off” approach is linked to internet porn. Some many online portals and events encourage men to stop watching porn due to its harmful side effects. Challenges like No Nut November encourage month-long abstinence. The NoFap challenge is all about abstinence from ejaculating as a way of achieving personal and sexual growth.

Of course, the examples above are just some of the reasons why women and men choose to go cold turkey. There are many others, like avoiding self-pleasure for religious or spiritual beliefs, or even for sexual fetishes like chastity play.

How Do You Know If It Is a Problem or Not?

There are many different answers to this question. The consensus is that masturbation cannot directly lead to emotional or physical harm. But, some issues can arise from excessive self-pleasure. The question raises mixed opinions on what it means to masturbate a lot.

However, research has shown that the side-effects are minimal for most people. As mentioned, masturbation can allow anyone to explore their needs and enjoy themselves. Studies have found that it doesn’t lead to mental or physical issues, even if you do it several times per day.

Yet, while it’s a safe activity, it can become a problem for many people. Some could feel a sense of guilt from masturbation. This guilt could make them feel ashamed or immoral. In extreme cases, excessive masturbation can lead to addiction. It can become something that you have to do to orgasm. That way, it’s similar to sex addiction. In that case, a masturbation addiction can obstruct your social life, work, and relationships. That is how solo sex could become a problem.

Those who are addicted to it can suffer from a lack of focus. Other consequences are high irritability and low productivity. Plus, it can result in a decreased desire for sexual intercourse. Additionally, it can cause porn addiction.

Overall, masturbation can become an issue if you start to feel any sense of dependency. If you feel that your masturbation activity is turning into a frequent habit in everyday life, it’s best to stop or slow down. You can also seek help from therapists.

How Do You Enhance Your Masturbation Experience

Now that you know how to practice self-pleasure safely, we should also share tips that can enhance your experience.

As we’ve said, frequent solo sex will not harm you. But you should be careful not to overdo it. While porn addiction is real, watching sexy videos will not cause issues during masturbation if you’re careful. It can allow you to explore your fantasies and do some “research” for future sex sessions with your partner. Additionally, lots of couples can try mutual masturbation because it is quite hot and can eliminate pregnancy risks.

However, you can also improve your experience by other means. For instance, you can leave things to your imagination and use sex toys to simulate a real-life experience. Many toys will allow men and women to do this — some include dildos or fake pussy masturbation aids, others are g-spot and glans massagers, anal toys, vibrators, cock rings, etc. Men’s masturbation toys and those created for women can offer you a way to explore your sexual desires and fantasies.

Additionally, male toys can provide unique types of stimulation not possible in traditional solo sex. For women, toys like vibrators and G-spot massagers can allow them to explore many sensitive areas. That way, they can reach incredibly powerful orgasms and even experiment with things like double penetration. Many men can also experiment with toys like prostate massagers to reach a different kind of orgasm.

That’s It!

Masturbation is an essential aspect of human sexuality. While it’s incredibly beneficial and offers many advantages, it also has some risks. So with that in mind, know that you won’t have a problem if you masturbate responsibly. Good luck, and have fun!