How to Pump Your Pull-Out Game

Selma Holley
September 9, 2020 0 Comment

What is the pull-out game, and how can you master it to become a stud in bed? If you have a weak pull-out game or if you’re a total newbie, we’ll share some valuable tips on this proven and natural method of birth control that makes sex a lot more fun. So here’s how to pump your pull-out game! 

Be Familiar With Your Timing

For starters, the pull-out method will only work if you’re really skilled with your excitement stages. There’s no rule on when you should pull-out. Yet, it’s usually best to do it when you feel your orgasm coming. This is known as the point of no return. It’s different for every guy. However, if you don’t know your orgasm stages, it’s better to practice first before you try anything serious. Rookies should definitely stay away from this method to prevent pregnancy and unwanted creampies.

With the withdrawal method, the goal is to take your cock out right before you jizz. The obvious benefit is that it makes penetration feel better compared to using condoms. And, if your partner trusts you and you know that you’re both healthy, pulling out will also feel naughty and much more exciting. 

Plus, if you get good at it, you’ll learn how to make yourself last longer. Moreover, you’ll please your partner much better. Still, you need to be in full control of your cock and your arousal stages to do this. Most men could fail if they get too excited. They may not be able to control themselves. That’s how they could end up blowing their load inside their partner by accident and cause a big and awkward blunder.

Be Aware of Your Pre-Cum 

If you’re already in control of your timing and you know how it feels just before you bust a nut, you shouldn’t ignore some precum concerns. Again, this is different for every guy. Some could produce only a small amount. Others could squirt it out in gallons!

Generally, precum is a fluid that is similar to the liquid that females produce during arousal. It’s a natural lubricant. It has the same sensations of “wetness” as those that occur in the vagina. While it feels good, pre-ejaculation can be a risk if you release it after orgasm. Even if you wash your penis after your first orgasm, semen can still linger in your urethra. When you get hard again, that semen could be released with the precum. 

One study found that this occurs in nearly 20% of men. In fact, it could pose a risk of unwanted pregnancies. Sometimes, you could flush that semen out by peeing after you orgasm and washing your penis. Still, to minimize the risks, try not to masturbate or ejaculate on the day when you know you’ll have sex without a condom.

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Make Her Finish First 

Pulling out just before you jizz and showering your girlfriend’s ass or face with your cum will not be so exciting if you neglect her needs. Hopefully, by staying in control, you can learn to last long enough so that you can finish your girlfriend off first.

If this is still difficult, you can try some tried-and-true techniques. That includes oral sex during foreplay. That way, you can make her cum once or twice before penetration. Also, you could use sex toys like vibrators to stimulate her clit or G-spot and bring her to orgasm. After that, she’ll reach another orgasm much more quickly when you actually start fucking her! 

What’s more, the withdrawal will also feel better for her. There won’t be any barrier (condom) between your cock and her vagina. That will stimulate her internal nerves with more pressure. It will also provide less friction and less discomfort. Ultimately, she’ll be able to orgasm quickly and much more intensely. Plus, pulling out will also feel naughty in her mind. That will get her off in no time!

Practice Makes Perfect 

Like we’ve said, you have to become a champ at this technique before you actually try it with your partner. Therefore, the only way to practice it without the fear of impregnating someone is by masturbating. Typically, the best method is to use techniques like edging. 

You can get really good at this technique if you try some stop-start methods. Firstly, during masturbation, you need to get to the brink of orgasm. Then, stop when you feel that you’re close. That will help you understand the sensations that occur right before the point of no return. With practice, you’ll also be able to postpone that point. And if you masturbate frequently, you won’t only master the pull-out method. You’ll also be able to last longer and satisfy your girl like a true porn stud!

To get your timing perfect, you could also practice with a stroker, masturbator, or similar toys. That way, you’ll get used to the sensations of penetrating a real pussy without a condom. Of course, you could also practice the pull-out method during anal sex. But, since it’s much less risky, there won’t be anything to stop you from blowing your load inside your girlfriend’s booty. Still, if you have the self-control and if your partner is into it, try some condomless anal sex and train yourself to pull-out before you bust!

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Sounds Hard? Wear a Condom

As mentioned, the pull-out game only works if you and your partner trust each other. Also, you should both know that you’re healthy so that you don’t get a disease. If you’re doing it with a stranger or a new girlfriend, you’ll never know what could happen. 

Of course, pulling out is not the most recommended method. You’ll usually be told that the only way to have sex is with a condom. However, this is a decision that you and your partner will make together. Nothing should stop you from withdrawing if both of you are into it. Moreover, if your girlfriend uses contraceptive pills, it should be perfectly safe to try the withdrawal method. Interestingly, some studies have found withdrawal is just as effective as using condoms for pregnancy prevention. 

Nevertheless, if having a baby is something that you definitely want to avoid, it might be better to stick to condoms. Withdrawal can be effective, but there’s no way to guarantee it will work every time, even if you’ve practiced it for hours. Sometimes, you could just get the urge to splurge, and that might not end well. Additionally, condoms can also protect you from getting a disease from a stranger. If some of the previous things apply to you, definitely choose a condom over pulling out. 

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, you can perfect your pull-out game with some proven techniques. If your partner allows it and if you get good at it, you’ll definitely enjoy some unforgettable sex marathons with lots of orgasms! Good luck!