How Can You Help Your Man With Erectile Dysfunction?

Selma Holley
October 11, 2019 0 Comment

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is among the toughest male sexual health issues. It can entirely change a couple’s sex life, relationship, and the ability to have kids. Millions of men can be affected by this ailment at some point in their lives, especially after 40. Essentially, the condition can make male sexual function incredibly difficult or prevent sex altogether. Yet, if your man is a victim of ED, you should take a positive stance.

So how can you help your man with erectile dysfunction? Keep reading to learn more!

Don’t Blame Him or Yourself

The essential thing to keep in mind is that impotence or erectile dysfunction is not your man’s fault. It can occur due to various factors. The condition can cause all sorts of various relationship problems. But that is a severe health issue that can affect your man physically and mentally. That’s why you should never blame your partner for it.

If you are not familiar with erectile dysfunction, the best way to help your partner would be to do some thorough research. Get acquainted with the lifestyle and some of the changes you will have to make. Additionally, it will be useful to investigate medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should also look up some of the underlying health conditions linked to impotence, such as heart disease.

And, of course, you also need to know that it’s not your fault. Sexual dysfunction is a product of multiple mental, hormonal, muscular, and emotional factors. The combination of psychological and physical causes is not usually linked to the other partner. Therefore, you shouldn’t blame yourself or believe that you are the cause.

Be Supportive

As mentioned, knowing about the side effects, causes, and treatments for this condition is an excellent way to offer support. While ED can be frustrating for both partners, you should encourage your man and show him how much you care.

The key thing to note here is that erectile dysfunction should not mirror his masculinity. Remind him that the condition cannot change your feelings for him.

What’s more, another effective way to help is to discuss your feelings and to stay positive. Let him know that you’ll be there for him. Show him that you’ll deal with the condition as a couple. If he is looking for treatment, encourage him not to give up and visit the doctor together.

Some men feel uncomfortable seeing a doctor for this condition. However, you should support your man. Remind him that this condition is not embarrassing or shameful. Like we’ve said, impotence is neither partner’s fault.

Connect Outside Sex

Of course, sex only makes up a part of a healthy relationship. There are many other ways in which you could connect that don’t involve sexual intercourse. That includes any intimate or romantic evening, traveling, talking about your hobbies and interests, having an active social life, etc.

Even without sex, you can create meaningful feelings of closeness through various activities. You could take long walks. Also, try some art or exercise courses together to stay active and stimulate your minds. You mustn’t neglect those activities.

You should also remain close to your man and not alienate him because of the condition. In that case, various everyday activities and romantic get-togethers can reassure him. He’ll know that sex is not the only thing on your mind, and you will both be able to find pleasure in other things.

However, that doesn’t mean you should stop experimenting. You could try to enhance his arousal with different types of foreplay. Also, try to fulfill some of his fantasies to stimulate his sex drive. Erotic movies and adult toys could also work. That is a fantastic sex tip for couples. However, only attempt it if you know that your partner won’t be offended. Additionally, it should not cause him any further stress, and you shouldn’t pressure him.

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About It

Due to the complexity of this condition, many factors could bother your partner. It’s vital to offer him space and a break from these problems. But it’s also essential to communicate with him frequently.

Like we’ve said, you should get familiar with the condition. Don’t be afraid to initiate the conversation and discuss the issue. It could offer him a way to release some frustration. And, he’ll have the chance to tell you how he truly feels. Communication can provide a lot of emotional support for him. Plus, both of you could reach some profound conclusions.

What’s more, you could discuss your plans and goals. Try to talk about how you can reach them. If he doesn’t want to discuss ED, give him time. In some instances, he could prefer to focus on you during the conversation. That could allow him to take a break and calm his mind.

Encourage Him to Improve His Health

Lastly, we’ve said that many underlying health conditions are linked to ED. Therefore, you should motivate your partner to work on his health.

Studies show sexual performance in men is affected by various factors. These include poor diets, high blood pressure, lack of exercise, and excessive drinking. Moreover, steroids or any performance enhancers can result in impotence.

Fortunately, your partner can work on many of those health risks. You could help him avoid them. Firstly, you can aid him in maintaining a proper diet that will regulate his weight. You can also encourage him to exercise regularly. That can help his blood vessels and overall health. What’s more, try to be there for him and help him get rid of any nasty habits. These include smoking or drinking.

Final Thoughts

You can make your partner’s life a lot easier if you follow some of our tips. Then, he’ll always know that he is not alone. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to beat the condition together! Good luck!