Boost Your Chances to Have Sex on Valentine’s Day

Selma Holley
January 8, 2021 0 Comment

Most guys would love it if their Valentine’s day ended in a naughty and epic sex marathon with lots of wild orgasms. But it doesn’t always work out that way for everyone. Sometimes, stocking up on candles and essential oils may not be enough to get your partner in bed. Here’s how to really boost your chances to have sex on Valentine’s day

Settle Down With a Stay-Cation Date

Most sex, love, and marriage experts agree that stay-cation dates are essential for men and women. Booking a resort or hotel and leaving your home for a few days will work wonders for your relationship. It offers a lot of benefits for romance and intimacy. It also allows you to relax with your loved one. 

However, stay-cation dates take on a whole new meaning on V Day. If you want to have sex on Valentine’s day, this could be your best bet. It basically sets you up with an intimate and romantic space. That will definitely allow the two of you to spend a couple of hours celebrating love. Also, it will remove the stress of staying at home or planning your date in other ways. 

If you have children, take a short getaway to a mountain or beach resort. It will provide both of you with much-needed alone time. Alternatively, if you are just starting to date someone, a stay-cation date will give you the chance to get to know each other better. Either way, you’ll be secluded in a private hotel room. And that is the ultimate setting for wild and naughty Valentine’s day sex!  

Write Out Your Fantasies 

Writing love letters is an old-school way to woo your loved one. You might get some major boyfriend or girlfriend points if you write a romantic and cute letter. But, you can take it a step further and include some sex fantasies. You’ll just need to be creative and use your imagination!

For instance, you can write a short message to tease your partner. What’s more, you can include a long erotic story that goes into detail and includes all sorts of dirty sexual scenarios. This usually works the best for women. It triggers their imagination and acts as a form of foreplay. You could even do this on a daily basis. That way, you’ll tease your girlfriend or wife and build up her excitement up to a big climax on the most sexual Valentine’s day ever! 

Get a Private Chef 

If you’re going on a stay-cation date or even if you’re celebrating Valentine’s day at home, you can boost the romance factor by hiring a private chef. 

Food is the ideal companion to romance. Hiring a chef will seriously impress your partner! A pro chef can serve you some exotic foods that taste and look great. Your chef could even make you a meal with a cute Valentine’s day theme! Plus, if you’re worried about your alone time, the chef doesn’t have to stick around for the whole day. Simply hire them to make your food on the spot before dinner, serve it, and leave. Also, try not to have a late dinner because that could complicate things in bed. 

Don’t Mention Sex During the Date 

If you decide to go out to celebrate, avoid mentioning sex to your wife or girlfriend. You might think that mentioning sex and being flirty all the time will increase your chances, while in reality, it could actually come off as needy or desperate. 

Constantly talking about it will make your date think that you are only after sex. She might think that you don’t want to connect with her at all. If you hold off on mentioning sex, you can surprise your partner later or make her think that you are unpredictable. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should hold off on flirting. Flirting is actually encouraged. It will stir your partner’s juices and make her crave sex. 

Groom Yourself Like the Stars 

It’s common for women to fantasize about hooking up with Hollywood actors and big celebrities. We’re not saying that you should dye your hair blonde and dress up like Brad Pitt, but a little grooming will go a long way. So think about the best way to make yourself look like a star! Focus on your appearance and your wardrobe before your date. 

Of course, we don’t need to mention the basics of hygiene, but for this important night, it’s best to go the extra mile. So make yourself look as tidy and as attractive as possible. Moreover, pick the most stylish outfit that you can find to impress your date. Still, looking like a star is only one side of the coin. You’ll have to “own” your look and express strong self-confidence to make your partner want you even more.

Be Patient, Listen to What She Has to Say 

Like we’ve said, you shouldn’t only focus on sex on February 14. That means you should engage in playful and meaningful conversation with your partner. So be ready to listen to her while she’s talking, make eye contact, and don’t look too impatient. Even if some of the things she says seem meaningless to you, they might be important to her, so try to pay attention. Being a good listener and conversationalist is a great investment that offers a quick return at the end of the day! 

Have Fun!

If you follow our tips, your Valentine’s day will definitely end in an evening filled with lots of sex and tons of naughty fun! Good luck!