Ways For Men to Improve Sexual Performance

Selma Holley
July 1, 2019 0 Comment

Performance in the bedroom is influenced by a vast range of factors, including physical and emotional health. For men, sexual performance doesn’t only involve rock-hard erections, and it requires a lot of stamina, endurance, and physical strength. 

Unfortunately, the modern man can suffer from all sorts of issues, including work and home-related stress, a poor diet, as well as nicotine/alcohol use. Fortunately, there are various ways in which you can improve your lifestyle and sexual health. Check out some of the best ways for men to enhance sexual performance! 

Stay Active

Even though sex is a physical activity, it will not be enough to boost your libido. The best thing you can do to keep healthy is to work out. We advise you to go for a run or to the gym a few times a week. Exercising contains numerous benefits that will impact your body, mind, and genitals. 

For instance, working out can help get your blood pumping and enhance your blood flow. Not only will that help you burn fat and gain muscle, but it will also bring more blood to your genital area. What’s more, a good workout will also lead to increased testosterone in the body. That is the most effective natural method that men use to supercharge their libido.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Men who wish to boost their endurance in bed should avoid all types of fatty foods. Those containing fatty acids can suppress sexual hormones, therefore, reducing libido. But if you decide to take on a healthy diet with lots of fruits and veggies, your sex life will improve dramatically.

While artificial sugar is considered to be unhealthy for the penis, sugars from fruits can improve erections. Fruits that are full of flavonoids, like oranges, berries, grapes, lemons, and apples, will also reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction (ED).  

Eat Meats With Omega 3, Vitamin B1, Eggs

Meats full of Omega 3 (egg fish) can improve the cardiovascular system. Moreover, they can lead to a lower level of triglycerides and a higher level of dopamine. Omega 3 is highly effective as a natural mood enhancer. In fact, it can increase your libido and keep you looking crisp. Furthermore, Vitamin B1 is an incredible testosterone booster. You can find it in nuts, meat, and grains. It plays a key role in metabolic functions, and it can improve your energy and increase testosterone levels, resulting in better hard-ons.

What’s more, diets with eggs can be fantastic for men. They can stabilize male hormones as well as give you more energy and stamina.

Reduce Stress

Things such as anxiety, as well as stress, are perhaps the biggest erection-killers out there. It can affect not only your moods but also your emotional state. Too much stress can make it difficult for men to focus on sexual activities with a partner. It can lead to depression and low energy levels. Plus, it can lower sexual hormones in men, leading to weak erections and poor performance. 

If you want to eliminate some stress in your life, you can try some simple and calming activities. That includes meditation or yoga, reading books, and working out. You should focus on an adequate diet, stay positive, and try to turn any aggression into productivity.

Kick Bad Habits

In terms of negative habits, substance overuse or abuse is first on the list. Try to avoid alcohol and smoking if you’re thinking about enhancing your performance. Alcohol and cigarettes can disrupt your blood pressure. And that’s not the only side effect of those vices. Cigarettes, in particular, will leave you prone to erectile dysfunction risks later in life. While alcohol can actually boost your sexual appetite, it can also lead to erection problems during sex. Another bad habit that you should avoid is a poor sleeping schedule. If you get plenty of sleep, your sex drive will increase. 

Get Some Sun

Medical experts agree that Vitamin D is also linked to sex drive. In fact, sunlight stimulates sex hormones, and that applies to females and males alike. Just a half-hour daily session is enough for a stronger libido. In addition, sunlight can enhance testosterone levels. That means you drive and desire for sexual activities will benefit from it. Sunlight can also improve your mood as well as your skin, which will keep you looking fresh and attractive. It may also be wise to participate in some outdoor activities like running to get the benefits. 

Masturbate to Avoid Premature Ejaculation

If you are a bit too quick on the draw, masturbation may allow you to solve that issue. One of the best ways to enhance your performance is to get in touch with your body. 

If you want to last longer, you can use masturbation to explore your limits. Try to prolong your session for as long as possible without reaching orgasm. That is an excellent way of training for sex. You can look into edging techniques or simply find a pace that you’re comfortable with. Moreover, you can incorporate various realistic toys that replicate the feeling of a vagina or anus. Use some lubricant to simulate the feeling of real sex, and you’ll be able to boost your performance gradually. 

See a Doctor If Needed

Men who have tried multiple sexual performance tips but did not experience any results should never abstain from talking to experts. Doctors and sex therapists are incredibly knowledgable, and they know how to address the issues of each patient. 

Usually, they will discuss the problems with you and analyze them to find their source. They could introduce you to various helpful medical exercises. Moreover, in serious cases, they could prescribe some medication. So talk to your doctor and seek professional advice if needed.

Closing Thoughts

The secret to award-winning sexual performance is a healthy lifestyle. That includes minimal stress levels, healthy habits and diet, as well as the other things we’ve discussed today. So try some of these tips today, and good luck!