Helpful Ways to Boost Your Libido

Selma Holley
July 3, 2019 0 Comment

There’s no point in denying that our libido always influences our desires and actions. It affects our urges, appetites, and sexual satisfaction. However, various social, psychological, and biological factors can influence the libido of all men and women. 

Ultimately, each person’s sex drive is different, and we can all experience all sorts of ups and downs. So what can you do if you’re going through a low sex drive phase? Check out some of our tips on the most helpful ways to boost your libido!

Manage Anxiety 

Anxiety of any type is perhaps the biggest libido killer. It can be caused by pressure from work, peers, and even your love relationship. In fact, stress produces high cortisol levels, which can reduce sex hormones. Anxiety can make you feel exhausted and too tired to focus on positive emotions and sex. People can become distracted, both physically and mentally, due to high anxiety levels. 

Unfortunately, treating any type of anxiety is complicated, and it requires a great personal effort. If you feel that your libido is suffering from too much anxiety, you can always seek professional help. Moreover, you shouldn’t try to force any sexual activity if you are stressed. Try some light meditation, a relaxing bath, or a romantic date night to alleviate stress and tension. 

Improve Relationship Quality 

A lowered sex drive can also be the cause of a stale relationship. There are many ways in which your relationship can impact your sex drive. Even if you’re in the best relationship ever, both partners could experience libido issues over time. The simplest solution is to enhance your sex life and try out some new activities with your partner. You can talk about the things that both of you fantasize about and enact them in real life. That could reawaken your sexual desires and urges. 

However, if a more serious issue is responsible for your low libido, it’s time to think about your relationship. If you have any relationship problems, communicate with your partner and fix them, if possible. Such problems could cause a lot of stress, which could affect your sexual appetite. Relationship issues can be quite complicated, which means you’ll have to think about them on an individual level. 

Focus on Foreplay

Foreplay is a major part of sex, but many people neglect it. Not everyone is always ready to jump into bed and start having penetrative sex right away. Foreplay is essential for the buildup of anticipation and excitement. Without it, people with a lower sex drive may not be able to reach orgasm and could feel disappointed. 

Luckily, it’s easy to cross this milestone by introducing new techniques. Try to make foreplay as long as possible and delay sex until the perfect moment. If your partner is experiencing low libido, you can try to use foreplay and get them in the right mood. That includes anything from teasing, touching, oral or anal play, using sex toys, trying various fantasies, etc. Foreplay could also involve watching porn together, trying some dirty talk, using various restraints, etc. It can get you excited, both physically and mentally, even if you’re feeling down.  

Get Quality Sleep

A lack of sleep can cause numerous physical and psychological issues. Sleep problems also affect the levels of testosterone and estrogen. Poor sleep is even linked to erectile dysfunction issues in men as well as arousal problems with women. These issues will seep into your sex life and cause your libido to drop. It’s a highly common cause of low libido, and the best way to solve it is to get enough sleep. 

Generally, seven to nine hours per night are optimal for a regular sleep schedule. And it can help with not just your libido. A good night’s sleep can eliminate stress, lower the blood pressure, maintain your immunity and metabolism, and improve your mood. 

Watch Your Diet

While a poor diet can cause all sorts of mental and physical issues, it is also linked to low libido and arousal levels. Fatty foods are the ones to watch out for since they can affect your blood flow and hormones. Too much junk food and giant portions can also affect your libido, stamina, strength, and endurance. 

Moreover, a bad diet can cause erection and sperm issues. For men, high-fat foods lead to decreased testosterone. What’s more, sugar is also a leading culprit in regards to low libido — it lowers testosterone by about 25%. It’s best to focus on small meals full of fiber, protein, and lots of veggies. Additionally, you could try libido enhancers and natural aphrodisiacs like avocados, bananas, walnuts, grapes, oysters, and dark chocolate. 

Get Regular Exercise

Just about any exercise will work wonders for boosting your sex drive. Physical activities can increase your heart rate and help you build muscles while losing fat. What’s more, they can help improve your blood flow and circulation. As a result, your genitals will receive more blood. That can help with erection issues and vaginal dryness. Plus, going for a run or to the gym will instantly make you feel and look better. Moreover, it can lower stress while boosting your confidence. It has been proven that lowering stress levels can help men maintain an erection.

Research suggests strength training as a way to boost testosterone. It enhances endorphins, leading to more energy and an increased desire for all types of sexual activities. Moreover, a good workout will also improve your self-image. It will make you look and feel sexier. Another benefit of exercising is that it builds a strong connection between your body and mind, which is a highly important factor that influences your libido. It will help you stay balanced and motivated. 

Try Sex Therapy

If you’ve already tried various things to increase your libido and did not notice a change, it may be time to look into sex therapy.

Any couple or individual can seek out a therapist to solve difficulties through communication and sexuality tests. During the sessions, you can discuss your issues, backgrounds, beliefs, as well as your turn-ons. At the end of a session, the patients could get a set of exercises or some homework to complete in the bedroom.


However, many people do not feel comfortable discussing this with a sex therapist. If you’re not sure, remember that sex therapy is actually highly effective. It can be used to solve issues as well as help you with sexual education, medical advice, communication, and experimentation. The reason why sex therapy is effective is that the professionals who are trained for it can analyze your issues from all sorts of perspectives. They can use their experience to help you with personal issues as well as offer common solutions to sexual problems that you may not be able to solve. 

Quit Smoking

Finally, smoking is extremely unhealthy and it causes a variety of negative side-effects, including sexual health problems. The activity harms the circulation and blood flow. Men can suffer the most from smoking due to decreased blood circulation.

Smoking can damage the blood vessels and lead to poor erections or even erectile dysfunction. The chemicals found in cigarettes can also impact the kidneys, brain, and heart, which means that both women and men will experience lower libido. Moreover, even if your libido is currently healthy and strong, smoking will affect it later on. In addition, the activity can lead to infertility since it damages sperm and eggs. 


As you’ve seen today, there are many things that you could try to improve your sexual functioning and your libido. The first step is to lead a healthy lifestyle. Consider some of the things we have revealed today, and you’ll be able to jump into bed with a strong sex drive! Good luck!