BC Kitchen + Bar
Thursday, September 21st
Please alert your server to allergies. See our cocktail menu for dras, wines, and seasonal selections
Breakfast (served until 2pm)
Turkey, Caramelized Onions, & Swiss Omelet 12.5
Served with roasted potatoes and grilled ciabatta
Pretzel Pancakes 12
Topped with strawberries and chocolate sauce
Onion, Spinach and Feta Cheese
with fruit or salad 10; sub soup cup 11 bowl 12
Mushroom Bisque, Cream of Spinach & Chicken, or Pasta Fagioli
served with fresh baked ciabatta bread
cup 4 bowl 5
Steamed PEI Mussels 13
With kalamata olives, garlic, pickled fennel, & tomato sauce; served with garlic
Pulled Pork Burrito 13
with jasmin rice, cheddar, and salsa; with hand cut fries, BC chips, or salad
Braised Beef Stew 13
with fresh herbs, vegetables, and red wine; served over whipped potatoes
Draft Selections
Upstate Simcoe 7
Imperial IPA,16 oz, 7.7% ABV
Neshaminy Creek The Shape of Hops to Come
Imperial IPA, 12 oz, 8.5% ABV
Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest 7
Lager, 16 oz, 5.1% ABV
Von Trapp Helles 7
Munich Lager 16oz, 4.9% ABV
Bells Best Brown 7
American Brown Ale, 16oz, 5.8% ABV
Central Waters Octoberfest Lager 8
16oz, 5.8% ABV
***Cousin’s Revolution Ale Works***
Smoking Musket Stout 13
22oz Bottle 5.8% ABV